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 Welcome to myLVS

What is myLVS?
This is about the myLVS Web-GUI to manage the Linuxvirtualserver environment. myLVS is supported to run on Debian or Ubuntu Linux.

myLVS is running on many e-commerce platforms, serving millions of hits per day, myLVS is helping IT administrators to make their job easy and confident.

Latest news: mylvs is now supporting IPv6, read more

What do i do with myLVS?

  • Managing your Load Balanced Server
    • Add / Edit / Delete server
    • Turn off / on single service
    • Drain down / up single service
    • Remote restart service
    • Remote reboot entire server

  • Managing your Nodes
    • Create / Edit / Delete nodes
    • Assign individual server to nodes
    • Assign individual weight level to server within nodes

  • Monitoring your Load Balanced Server
    • Add / Edit / Server to individual, plugin driven monitoring jobs
    • Assign individual, plugin driven service repair jobs
    • Assign individual email alerts to jobs

  • Mananaged services (Webservices)
    • Request service up/down by client
    • Request data update by client
    • Request application update by client



Installation and basic configuration steps of myLVS

 Remote Control
Remote Control

 myLVS Monitor
setup myLVS Monitor

 Setup Webservice

 Download myLVS
Download myLVS